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TI technical support

Strategy level services

The analysis of users’ needs on the one hand and the diagnostic of existing information systems and underlying management processes on the other hand provide the basis for the proposal of improvements in public management. The quality of these analyses is the first condition of success – or failure – of the reforms. Enabling governments to make an informed choice, taking into account in particular the capacity of teams and infrastructure as well as budget and time constraints, requires a cutting-edge experience.
IDEA conducts in a participatory manner the diagnostic, formulates clear recommendations and proposes an action plan to strengthen the existing information systems to enable the integration of systems in relation of the IT Master Plan. Among others, IDEA has developed a process and a software called Assessing for Results (A4R®), that allows a quick, participatory, and structured diagnostic. IDEA can also support in the monitoring of the implementation of these action plans and the assessment of progress made.

Management level services

In many countries, the Government has an IT Office that is in charge of developing applications, databases and information systems for public sector management. These teams are generally composed of computer experts, but often lack the expertise to coordinate the technical and business aspects and to lead IT reforms and projects. IDEA offers services to support national teams in the implementation of the IT component of management reforms (ex: program budgeting, selection of investment projects based on results, monitoring and evaluation of results, etc.) Depending on the needs, the support may involve the improvement of current systems, the addition of software from the suite IDEA Solutions and / or other software provided by specialized partners.