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GAR Technical Support

Planning for Results

Consensual Planning that is Useful for Development

  • Public policy analysis and management,
  • Design of national development plans
  • Sector and multisector strategies
  • Local development plans
  • Program and project design
  • Selection and validation of performance indicators and targets
  • Articulation or planning levels for concrete implementation of a theory of change
  • Planning software
  • And more

Performance-Informed Budgeting

Budgets That Are Aligned With Strategic Priorities

  • Medium-term fiscal framework at national and sub-national levels
  • Sector medium-term expenditure
  • Program budgeting
  • Annual work plan and budget
  • Results-based budgeting software
  • And more

Public Financial Management, Audit, and Public Procurement

An Integrated Approach tu Support Public Financial Management Reforms That Shows Results

  • Public expenditure and financial accountability diagnostic and action plan
  • Public financial management reforms
  • Performance audit and control
  • Elaboration and implementation of strategic and operational plans for public procurement
  • Public procurement reforms
  • E-procurement management
  • And more

Public Program and Project Management

A Comprehensive Approach to Lead Programs and Projects to Results

  • Project cycle management
  • Public investment program design
  • Management and monitoring
  • Program architecture
  • Program and project logic model articulation
  • Project implementation monitoring
  • Public-private partnerships
  • And more

Performance-Based Monitoring and Evaluation

Demonstrating Results and Influencing Change

  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems
  • Conducting a variety of evaluations
  • Household surveys
  • Design of progress reports
  • Information systems for M&E
  • And more

Leadership and Change Management

Supporting Leaders for Public Sector Reform and Modernization

To assist organizations in managing change, IDEA has developed an intervention framework for diagnosing the level of preparedness for desired changes and to propose strategies for steering institutional transformations, taking into consideration:

  • The socio-political and institutional environment;
  • The organizational environment;
  • Individual abilities and interpersonal skills.

This approach can be applied to support any reform process aimed at establishing the principles of RBM, either in a ministry, a local government, or in the national public administration.